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What Can Be Done to Prevent Heat Illness

What Can Be Done to Prevent Heat Illness | BRP Construction

The summer heat in Louisiana can be brutal, not to mention overbearing. And if you’re in construction, a single day in extreme heat can feel like a week. It’s critical that workers are protected from heat stress. If the temperature is high and humid or the worker is in the direct sun doing physical labor and hasn’t been keeping up with water intake, things can go south quickly.

If you see someone who has a headache, dizziness or shows symptoms of weakness, irritability or confusion, it’s time to act fast. Call a supervisor or 911. Have someone stay with the worker until help arrives. Remove their outer clothing and fan or mist them with water. Apply ice bags or cold towels to them to help cool off. And, of course, have them drink plenty of cool water.

There are several ways to prevent heat illness. Put together a complete heat illness prevention program and provide training around conditions that would lead to heat stress and how to avoid them. Make sure you have plenty of cool water near your workers and make sure they’re drinking at least one pint an hour. Another good way to prevent heat illness is to modify work schedules and arrange frequent rest periods in shaded areas. Some prefer to wear protective clothing that provides cooling or to wear lesser lightweight, lighter-colored clothing.

Protecting workers from heat illness is no joke. On average, nearly 700 people succumb to heat illness a year when they don’t need to. However, it’s not just death that should worry workers. Heatstroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps and heat rashes are very common and avoidable.

At BRP Construction, we take heat illness very seriously and ensure that every worker adheres to OSHA standards. Our workers are NOT just workers; they’re like family.