BRP Construction Wins Bid to Renovate CARA’s House

BRP Construction Wins Bid to Renovate CARA’s House

Animals are definitely a part of the family. In fact, 53% of American households own dogs and nearly 36% have a cat. So when BRP Construction heard that CARA’s House, an aging animal shelter in Ascension Parish, was in poor condition and that the parish government was planning to invest in renovations, they jumped at the chance to bid it.

It was said that the building conditions included roof leaks and electrical problems, in addition to being susceptible to flooding. The animals often had to be evacuated to the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center near Gonzalez. Far from ideal. However, it wasn’t just the animals that were suffering through these poor conditions. Often, CARA’s House workers had to bring their own heat lamps during the coldest months while also dealing with the rest of the buildings’ poor conditions.

Brian Powell, owner of BRP Construction, submitted a bid in December 2020 and was selected for the job upon bid opening. BRP will install a new pre-engineered metal building, electrical wiring, light fixtures, receptacles and heating and air conditioning systems, including for the animal kennels and make drainage improvements.

BRP Construction beat out four other firms for the renovation without opposition. Thanks to all the subcontractors who will participate.

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