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Integrity – It’s One of BRP’s Core Values – But What Does it Really Mean?

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It means we have a work ethic that stands the test of time, founded on trust, that ultimately leads to our customer’s future success.

Imagine that you were standing before a wooden rope bridge. What does it mean for this bridge to have integrity? What is the likelihood that the bridge lacks integrity? Would you cross it? While all bridges serve the same function, integrity is the most influential factor in what happens next.

Integrity means we do the right thing. Even when no one is watching. In our line of work, we build things that will last for generations.

Integrity also requires us to lead by example. As an industry leader in commercial construction, we have the power and responsibility to raise standards for everyone’s benefit. Where we go, we hope others will follow. When we see something wrong, we respectfully speak up. Mistakes happen, but through vigilance and communication, they can be remedied before they become something more. We are always proactively seeking the right answer for ourselves, our customers, and the integrity of all who work with BRP.

When we live with integrity, we build the most crucial kind of bridge – Trust. A great bridge is one you can trust completely. Integrity is how we build and maintain lasting relationships with our clients. So, what does integrity really mean? It means we possess a work ethic that stands the test of time, one that is founded on trust. One that leads our customers to greater future success.

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