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7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Construction Company

7 Things to Consider when Choosing a Commercial Construction Company

Whether you’ve built other buildings in the past or you’re new to commercial builds, there are several things you should know about finding a trustworthy builder. This article will explore seven things to look for when choosing a commercial construction company. The goal is that you’ll be prepared and your needs will be met.

1. Reliability

There is a lot of stress surrounding a commercial construction project, so choosing a company you can rely on is important. You need to have quick, direct access to them and other key players throughout the process.

Everyone wants good customer service and there is no exception here. Make sure you choose a company that can be reached at ANY time. If you have questions or need to make changes, you need to select a company you can count on to help when you need it.

2. Understanding of Architectural Design and Engineering

Whether you’re building out an existing structure or building a high-rise office building, working with someone who has solid knowledge of architecture and engineering is paramount. If you talk to many builders, you will quickly learn that many don’t understand the nuances of commercial construction or engineering.

If you choose to work with someone who doesn’t have this knowledge, you could end up with a lot of issues later. Make sure the person you choose to work with has plans drawn out that line up with your vision before you commit to working with them. Look at it this way; if you choose a quality commercial contractor, they should be able to create anything you want to make your dream a reality.

3. Experience

You want to hire someone who has a track record of success and years of experience. Ask your prospective choices to provide you with a portfolio of their past work to give you a better idea. If they’re reputable, they won’t hesitate to do so.

Make sure to check their references and find out what their customers are saying about them and what their experience was like working with them. When you choose someone with the right experience, you can expect to have a much smoother process for the entire project.

4. All Costs Are Communicated and Clear

We don’t need to tell you that construction projects are costly and having a budget in place is a great place to start. Working with a quality company will show every cost for you in detail and will be very clear what your total cost will be once the project is complete.

It’s important to make sure your contract spells out every single expense and that it’s clear when change orders will be needed. Make sure you can see every step of the prices when it comes to costs. You don’t want any surprises. One more thing to note, if changes need to be made, the company you choose should get your approval before proceeding.

5. Communication

With many people working on a commercial construction project you need clear communication to make it a success. The company you choose needs to know how to communicate with their workers and you.

Just think about it – from plumbers to electricians to framers – having solid clear communication will make the build go much more smoothly. Whoever you choose, they must have a policy in place to make sure every moving part works together for the common goal.

6. Realistic Timeline

You embarked on this project and you’re probably raring to get your business up and running. A contractor should understand the date you have targeted and should do an excellent job laying out a timeline for you.

You’ve probably heard that unexpected things can throw a wrench in the process, which is why it’s great to have a grace period built-in and there is good communication between all parties. Have your chosen builder walk you through the timeline in detail and point out any potential delays.

7. Completion

You don’t want to be working with dozens of people trying to understand where they are at in the build or if a permit has been pulled. From architectural drawings to hiring subcontractors, you want your commercial construction company to be a one-stop-shop.

When looking for a partner, look for a company that can handle everything from the first day to the last. They should be there for the entire process and that it’s done in the correct order and is of quality. This is the best way to keep everything managed while staying in control of your budget and the process.

Many things need to be considered before deciding to embark on your commercial construction journey. Follow these seven tips to help you choose a professional construction company and you’ll be in good hands.

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